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Anhui Flylink Communication Equipment Co., Ltd

Anhui Flylink Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. produces high-quality optical fiber cable components: including optical fiber jumpers, optical fiber pigtails, optical fiber adapters, optical fiber attenuators, PLC splitters, optical fiber in FTTH junction boxes and more products.

We not only provide OEM services, but also help many partners from all over the world to win the market with professional technical support, excellent product solutions, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service.

Through our quality assurance program we give you outstanding quality of optical fiber products. Quality has always stood out, and it is essential to the company's success.

Our main goal is to work together to solve our customers and technical challenges to design and manufacture excellent products. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Fetion provides qualified technical solutions and direct service response when you need it most.

We not only sell products. We provide good service and professional support.

Choose Fetion to accelerate your network!